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New EPA Storm water rules may be coming …

EPA is seeking input on the following preliminary regulatory considerations on storm water management:

  1. expand the area subject to federal stormwater regulations;
  2. establish specific requirements to control stormwater discharges from new development and redevelopment;
  3. develop a single set of consistent stormwater requirements for all municipal separate storm sewer systems;
  4. require those sewer systems to address stormwater discharges in areas of existing development through retrofitting the sewer system or drainage area with improved stormwater control measures; and
  5. explore specific stormwater provisions to protect sensitive areas.

The agency has planned a series of meetings to solicit ideas and comments from the public. Click here for dates and locations.


EPA’s Multi-Sector General Permit for Storm water

srtorm-drain-at-impressEPA has issued a new multi-sector general storm water permit. If you are located in one of the eight states and territories (New Mexico, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Alaska, Idaho, American Samoa, Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia) and Indian lands where EPA retains its NPDES permitting authority, you need to file a Notice of Intent with EPA before January 5, 2009. Click here for more information.