What do we do?

We offer environmental training and consulting services to Fortune 500 companies and we also provide litigation support to law firms.

Norman Wei is the founder and principal instructor. He has over 33Norman years of practical experience as a corporate environmental manager and consultant. His seminars are based on his hands-on experience as a corporate manager. Over 2000 environmental managers have attended his seminars.

To contact Norman, send him an email.

6 responses to “What do we do?

  1. Nick Voegtly, CSP

    My compliments on your website for the clear writing in your articles.


  2. Thanks Nick. I always try to be as clear as I can in my writing.

  3. Norman,

    Great web site! Looks like a full schedule for 2009. I don’t know how you pack so much into one year. Thank you for the diversity of environmental subjects you cover. I’ve always found your articles to be extremely interesting and informative.


  4. Norman,
    I just discovered your website. Looks very informative.

  5. Good to hear from you, Bob. I am glad you find this site useful. Hope to see you at one of our seminars.


  6. Norman: I can’t find your email on here! Shoot me a message so we can catch up –
    Thanks, Steph

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