How will the Trump EPA affect you?

There are a lot of discussions out there about how the EPA will operate under a new administration. Here are my thoughts.

Will EPA be decimated or gutted completely? I doubt it. Regardless of politics, people enjoy clean air and clean water and they want the environmental quality to be maintained. But there will be significant budget cuts.

Will some federal regulations be rolled back? Most likely especially on the carbon emission side.

Will there be less enforcement? Probably at the federal level. History has shown us that EPA enforcement drops a little when a Republican occupy the White House. That being said, keep in mind that individual states run their own environmental enforcement programs. I don’t see states such as California and New York slacking off at all on their enforcement front. Environmental regulations at the state level are already at least as stringent as the federal regulations. So if EPA rolls back on its regulations, the states wil simply enforce theirs.

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