Beware of LinkedIn Posts

ImageThe adage “Just because you read it on the Internet does not mean it is true” has been validated again.

A self appointed scientist from South Africa just posted a piece of garbage about global warming in LinkedIn. She claims that for every inch of ice that is melted off the polar ice caps, the world’s ocean would rise by 250 feet. Yes…you heard that right …250 feet!

Let’s just apply some simple high school math here: if the total area covered by the ocean were the same as the area covered by the ice caps (and it is NOT), one would expect the ocean level to go up by about one inch.  And we know that the area covered by the ocean is much larger than the ice caps. So how is it possible that one inch of ice would turn into 250 feet of ocean water? 

It is this kind of garbage that gives the legitimate environmental movement a bad name.

If that so-called scientist had gone to college and that’s what she got out of her education, then I believe she is entitled to a refund from that school.



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