New article published in Environmental Claims Journal

My latest article has been published in the Environmental Claims Journal v.24 issue 3, 2012. The title of the article is: Five Bad Environmental & Safety Decisions Leading to Catastrophic Results.


A power plant hired a painting contractor with a poor safety record history. Five painters perished in a fire when the contractor failed to adhere to OSHA’s safety standards. The power plant faced criminal charges. Although later acquitted, the company had to pay millions in restitution and endure a public trial. A refinery with a major air permit operated without an environmental staff and endangered its neighbors and workers. Executives pleaded guilty to criminal charges. Another oil refinery failed to implement its own internal EHS audit findings months before a catastrophic explosion that killed fifteen employees and injured hundreds.

To purchase a copy of this article, go to Taylor and Francis Online.

As the author, I have a limited number of free downloads available. Email me if you would like to have one. I can only respond to corporate or organization emails (no gmail, hotmail, yahoo or msn.)

One response to “New article published in Environmental Claims Journal

  1. That’s excellent news Mr.Wei. Congrats.

    It’s also very nice of you to share this article(but limited) for free. I would like to have one of them (if avaible of course). I’ve sent an e-mail to the link you’ve given.

    Thank you so much for your time and interest.

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