Public relations firms for the environment?

I did a webinar on air permitting with BLR (Business and Legal Reports) two days ago. It was very well attended. I talked about the steps one needs to take to obtain a permit. One of the steps may involve public hearings. I spoke about how important it is to have good community relations with one’s neighbors and how the lack of it may hinder the permit applicant during public hearings.

iStock_000002586110XSmallAt the Q and A session following my presentation, someone asked if it would be a good idea to hire a public relations firm to let the neighbors know what goes on inside the plant. My answer to the question was an emphatic NO.

It is always better to have someone knowledgeable about your operation to tell your neighbors about what you do. Someone who is actually involved in making your products. That is much better than hiring a spin doctor with a degree in French Literature to explain your manufacturing process to the public. (My apologies to those of you who have degrees in French Literature.)

Slick does not always work.

In fact, sincerity and knowledge trump slick every time.


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