Why don’t we wash our rental cars?

car wash pictureHave you ever wondered why we never wash our rental cars before we return them to the rental company?

Because we don’t own the rental cars!

The same goes with writing environmental plans. If the employees who are responsible for implementing the plan (SPCC, stormwater, RCRA contingency, etc.) have not been involved in the development and preparation of the plans in any way, they are not going to have ownership of the plans and they are not likely to implement them.

Remember: Many of these plans (especially SPCC) are perfromance-based. That means if they are not implemented as written, you can end up with a violation.

Get your employees involved in some fashion before you finalize your palns. Have them review the draft. Get them involved.


2 responses to “Why don’t we wash our rental cars?

  1. Actually, if my rental car has some extreme issues, I do wash it before I return it. I traveled some limestone gravel roads a few years ago in a rental car and did not feel I could return the car in that condition. Granted I only hosed it off but it was the right thing to do. Too many people today don’t realize that we “own” everything that we touch. Personal responsibility has taken a back seat to personal gratification. I believe that we should not compromise our integrity whether it be at a personal level or a corporate level. I try to treat people the way I would like to be treated whether I am the service provider or the client. In this economy, employees need to realize if they don’t do their jobs, they likely will not have a job because the company may not survive.

  2. Katherine,

    Thank you for yoru comment. You are the second consultant I know who washes rental cars. The other consultant also puts his rental cars through some serious dirt.


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