Using your satellite accumulation points (SAP)

drum storage - wooden palletFederal and state regulations allow you to accumulate up to 55 gallons of hazardous wastes at the point of generation before moving to your central storage area. Once the 55 gallons limit is reached, you have 3 days to move the waste to the central storage area and that’s when your 90-day or 180/270 day clock starts – depending on your waste generator status. So the SAP concept can extend your storage time limit by quite a bit.

If you are in California, you cannot store waste at your SAP area for more than a year even if you have not reached the 55-gallon limit. 

The operator at the point of generation MUST have total control over the waste. The container at theSAP must have the words “hazardous waste” on it. However, you are NOT required to do weekly inspection of your waste at the SAP area as you would at your central storage area.

Some generators ship their wastes out to the Treatment Storage Disposal Facility directly from the SAP – bypassing the central storage area altogether. This eliminates the possibility of being cited for not having weekly inspection at the central storage area.


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  1. Very nice blog. info abt SAP’s is really appreciated.

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