Spilled milk?

milkDid you know that milk comes under the Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasures (SPCC) regulations? It is true. SPCC covers all petroleum products and any kind of fat – including animal fat. Since milk contains animal fat, it is regulated under SPCC.

EPA issued a press release today proposing to exempt milk containers from SPCC regulations. For more details, go to EPA’s SPCC web page.


One response to “Spilled milk?

  1. I personally spent three days cleaning up a 3,000 gallon milk spill as an emergency response contractor about 5 years ago. Unfortunately, it occured during the hottest days of the summer. If the milk had remained on site, it would have caused an insect infestation, and had it entered the nearby creek, it could have affected oxygen levels in the water resulting in a fish kill.

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