Monthly Archives: December 2008

EPA’s Multi-Sector General Permit for Storm water

srtorm-drain-at-impressEPA has issued a new multi-sector general storm water permit. If you are located in one of the eight states and territories (New Mexico, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Alaska, Idaho, American Samoa, Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia) and Indian lands where EPA retains its NPDES permitting authority, you need to file a Notice of Intent with EPA before January 5, 2009. Click here for more information.

New members-only blog – it is FREE

We have added a new members-only blog – where you can download many of our environmental gudiance documents that we provide to our seminar attendees.  It is a private blog. It means your comments will not show up on Google.

members-only-signIt is very easy to join. Just go to this link and follow the instructions.

New EPA Administrator

lisa-jacksonPresident-elect Obama has just named Lisa Jackson to be his new EPA Administrator. Jackson was head of New Jersey’s environmental agency. She is an engineer by training. She will be the first Africa American woman serving that post. Obama also named Carol Browner as his White House Energy and Climate Change Advisor. Browner was the longest serving EPA Administrator under Clinton. 

Look for significant changes in EPA under the new administration.