A few pointers on how to manage an agency inspection

Let’s look at  a few pointers on how to manage an agency inspection.


If you know you are going to be inspected, you need to do you own mock inspection to make sure everything is fine. Fix any problem before the inspector shows up. 


There is absolutely no need nor is it desirable for you to write down all your violations. You should focus your energy on fixing the problems.   


Be sure that you have read and understood all your permits and what they require you to do. For example, if your air permit requires you to keep track of the amount of each coating used during each day, you should do so.


Make full use of agency’s inspection checklists that are available on many agencies’ websites. The checklists show you what the inspection will be looking for. Use these lists in your mock audit.


Take the time to look at agencies’ inspection manuals. EPA has a manual on how to conduct a multi-media inspection. There is also one on conducting hazardous wastes inspection.  These are the same documents that the agencies use to train their own inspectors. They will provide you with a lot of insights.


You can download these from Norman’s website


Always try to resolve issues at the lowest possible level! Why?,  because The higher the level you go, the less control you will have of the process. The last thing you want is to have a judge who has no idea how you make your products telling you how you should make your products.


This is one of the many topics we cover in our popular 2-day environmental seminars.




One response to “A few pointers on how to manage an agency inspection

  1. Excellent article – it is vitally important that mock audits are performed prior to agency audits.

    But, more importantly, mock audits or jsut multi-media audits should be performed each year. Prevention is easier (and cheaper!) than a cure 🙂

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