“Small quantity Generator” status

Did you know that if you are a “small quantity generator”, you can store your hazardous wastes on-site for up to 270 days IF you ship your wastes to a site that is more than 200 miles away from you? That’s 90 days more than the standard accumulation time of 180 days! By the way, you will not find the term “small quantity generator” written anywhere in EPA’s regulations (40 CFR 262). The term “small quantity generator” refers to facilities that generate between 100 and 1000 kilograms (220 and 2200 lbs) of hazardous wastes in a calender month. 


One response to ““Small quantity Generator” status

  1. As a small quantity generator, it is good management practice to keep a log of how long it has taken you to fill up a drum in your central accumulation area. Why? That’s the only way you can prove to an inspector that you do not generate more than five 55-gallon drums in a calendar month. Let’s say you ship out 12 drums in a particular month. How can you demonstrat to the inspector that those 12 drums were accumulated over a 4 month period and you never generated more than 5 drums in any calendar month if you do not have some sort of documentation.

    EPA regulations do not require you to keep such a log. But it is to your benefit that you do.

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